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Procore in 5 Minutes or Less

Welcome to my Blog! My goal with this blog is to provide updates and tips to help you get the most out of Procore. What does that mean? Honestly, it means a lot! Like most powerful tools, there is a significant amount of effort that goes into optimizing your use of Procore. Using Procore is easy, using it well takes some effort. It is my job to minimize that effort.

The goal of each of my blog posts is to provide easily digestible information that you can use to get more out of Procore and make you more efficient and more profitable.

To get started, I want to talk about the Locations function. The Locations function links to many tools and will increase your ability to filter and report on areas of your project.

As soon as you have your drawings, meet with your team and build out the Locations Manager in the project's Admin tool so that makes sense for everyone. After your locations are set up, be sure to select the box to lock out the creation of new locations outside of the Locations Manager. Finally, click on the printer icon to print all or selected QR codes for each location and put them in each space on your project so your team can use them with the Procore mobile application to automatically fill out the location field and/or pull up information related to that location.


1. On a large project the Imports Template is the easiest way to build out your Locations Manger.

Tools that use Locations:

  • Commitments

  • Custom tools

  • Daily Log

  • Inspections

  • Prime Contract

  • Punch List

  • RFIs

  • Submittals


NEXT TIME: Using Locations with Inspections in a non-typical way.


Want more information or have a Procore question on a different topic? Contact me for a formal training or perhaps I can cover the topic in a future blog post.

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